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 July 2021- February 2022 | IN-RUINS x Endless Residency
In-ruins talk x Endless Residency Public Program in collaboration with Res Artists | Esperienze di residenza in contesti storico archeologici
Maria Luigia Gioffrè,
Nicola Guastamacchia and Nicola Nitido | roundtable co-curated with Giulio Verago and Silvia Conta with the participation of Emma Talbot, Valentino Nizzo (Museo Etrusco Villa Giulia, Italy), Aloisia Leopardi (Castello San Basilio, Italy), Niovi Zarampouka-Chatzimanou (Victoria Square Project, Greece)


In-ruins collaborates with Maratona di Visione | 3° Rassegna Online di Videoarte, dal 29 Marzo al 26 Luglio 2021 

with artists Jakub Gliński, Flavia Tritto, Alessandro Moroni, Guildor and Ania Plonka.

February - March 2021   |   TALKS SERIES
The series introduces artists and researchers who reframe archaeology with their work, unveiling new perspectives to look at the term and its meanings
Julia Wolf, Célia Hay, Davide Meneghello, Andrea Giomi, Filippo Lorenzin and Guildor.


February 2021   |   ONLINE EXHIBITION

OPEN FIELDS: Harley Price, Lidia Bianchi, Sarah Roberts

Curated by Dobroslawa Nowak and Nicola Nitido

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