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 July 2021- February 2022 | IN-RUINS x Endless Residency

In-ruins talk x Endless Residency Public Program in collaboration with Res Artists | Esperienze di residenza in contesti storico archeologici with Maria Luigia Gioffrè, Nicola Guastamacchia and Nicola Nitido | roundtable co-curated with Giulio Verago and Silvia Conta with the participation of Emma Talbot, Valentino Nizzo (Museo Etrusco Villa Giulia, Italy), Aloisia Leopardi (Castello San Basilio, Italy), Niovi Zarampouka-Chatzimanou (Victoria Square Project, Greece)

February 2021   |   ONLINE EXHIBITION

OPEN FIELDS: Harley Price, Lidia Bianchi, Sarah Roberts

Curated by Dobroslawa Nowak and Nicola Nitido

February - March 2021   |   TALKS SERIES

The series introduces artists and researchers who reframe archaeology with their work, unveiling new perspectives to look at the term and its meanings: Julia Wolf, Célia Hay, Davide Meneghello, Andrea Giomi, Filippo Lorenzin and Guildor.


In-ruins collaborates with Maratona di Visione | 3° Rassegna Online di Videoarte, dal 29 Marzo al 26 Luglio 2021 with artists Jakub Gliński, Flavia Tritto, Alessandro Moroni, Guildor and Ania Plonka.

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