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Archivalia, edited by In-ruins, constitute an extended reflection that comes up beside the residency and research programme carried out by In-ruins on entaglements between archaeology and the ways how it is reframed within contemporary art practices. As an ongoing archive, the volume collects texts and visual contributions to re-explore and rediscover the critical potential embodied in the ruin. 

Curated by In-ruins & Roberta Garieri

Edited by In-ruins

Texts (c) 2022

Mathilde Ayoub

Stella Bottai

Federica Bueti

Roberta Garieri

Maria Luigia Gioffré

Nicola Guastamacchia 

Ottavia Mosca

Nicola Nitido

Vito Teti

Giulio Verago

Images (c) 2022

Emii Alrai

Giulia Bernardi

Lidia Bianchi

Simona Brinkmann

Ettore Favini

Itamar Gov

Anna Ill

Nicola Lorini

Stefano Serretta


French > Italian: Roberta Garieri


Lilia di Bella

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