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In-ruins' editorial series

Archivalia RETRO.jpg

In-ruins inaugurates its  editorial activity with the Volume I of the Archivalia series

Archivalia brings further the interdisciplinary reflection carried out over the first four editions of the residency. 

Involving anthropologists, art historians, artists and curators, the volume expands one of the crucial topics and concepts we have been trying to deconstruct and rethink: the ruin. Conceived beyond its negative etymology, the ruin can turn into a potent idea and tool for critique. 

Edited by

In-ruins with Roberta Garieri


Mathilde Ayoub

Stella Bottai

Federica Bueti

Clelia Coussonnet

Roberta Garieri

Maria Luigia Gioffré

Nicola Guastamacchia 

Ottavia Mosca

Nicola Nitido

Vito Teti

Giulio Verago


Emii Alrai

Giulia Bernardi

Lidia Bianchi

Simona Brinkmann

Ettore Favini

Itamar Gov

Anna Ill

Nicola Lorini

Stefano Serretta


French > Italian: Roberta Garieri


Lilia di Bella

Printed by

Tipografia Favia, Bari

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