Inruins is an international research project inquiring into the dynamics of archaeology in relation to contemporary art. Inruins creates new spaces for discussion, in an attempt to remap archaeological ruins within new, multiple, changing contemporary landscapes. 

Adopting a posthuman approach, Inruins reflects on the role that archaeological ruins play in the creation of the structures that historiographic narratives produce and perpetuate. Inruins’s aim is to act within an interdisciplinary framework, and, going beyond the traditional boundaries of the curatorial, philosophical, social, and historical, invites art and culture practitioners to rethink connections between disciplines as a horizontal dynamism against a static hierarchy.

Inruins has been co-founded in 2018 by Azzurra Pitruzzella, an independent curator working between London and Italy, Marialuigia Gioffrè, a multidisciplinary artist working across performance and visual art and Elisa Costantini, artist, art director, and photographer.

Inruins is supported by